29 September seminar: Communicating with IMPACT: Telling science stories that matter

Please join us for seminar #2 in the ‘Healthy Futures’ seminar series hosted by the Deakin Science and Society Network (SSN). You can join the conversation on Twitter by following us at @SSNDeakin and using the hashtags #SSNseminar #HealthyFutures.

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Ever gone to a scientific presentation where the speaker missed the mark? Where you were lost by slide 2? Where you were scrolling Instagram by slide 3? Desperately want to never give a talk like that? Want to tell science stories that matter?

Hannah will give you a few tips to help tell a story that will have people listening, learning, and having thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It’s not hard – after all, it’s based on science!

About the speaker:

Hannah Brown is an Adelaide born and educated, internationally trained, researcher-turned-leader and communicator who leads Science Strategy and Operations at the Victorian Heart Institute. Having trained and worked as an academic, she now sits at the interface between science and the public, helping to turn ideas into impact through storytelling. She believes that creating clear and consistent narrative, engaging broadly with consumers, authenticity, integrity and humour are the keys to effective communication.

About the discussant:

Dr Jen Martin spent many years working as a field ecologist until she decided the most useful thing she could contribute as a scientist was to teach other scientists how to be effective and engaging communicators. Jen founded and leads the University of Melbourne’s award-winning Science Communication Teaching Program. Jen also practices what she preaches: she’s been talking about science each week on 3RRR radio for 15 years, writes for a variety of publications, MC’s events and was named the Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication for 2019.