Alastair Iles: The Regenerative Turn: Promises, Prospects, Politics

Tue. 31 July 2018
10:00 am – 4:00 pm AEST

Deakin Downtown
727 Collins Street

The Alfred Deakin Institute Culture, Environment & Society stream invites you to a workshop with Alastair Iles – The Regenerative turn: Promises, Prospects, Politics. Numbers for this workshop are very limited, if you are interested in participating please send through an EOI to


The notion of regeneration is increasingly applied to diverse projects of environmental rehabilitation, neoliberal extractivism and cultural revival. This workshop aims to explore these new frontiers of regenerative land practices unfurling in rural and urban landscapes and critically consider the implications of what might be called the “regenerative turn”. Rather than presenting full papers, workshop participants are invited to draw on and discuss aspects of regeneration in their own research (or envisioned research) to provide insights into the following themes;

  1. Genealogies –What are the implications of diverse notions and overlapping histories of ‘regeneration’? How is the concept of regeneration transformed through deployment in urban and rural spaces?
  2. Aesthetics – What assumptions about nature-society relations are embedded in the idea of regeneration? How is, or might, regeneration be understood as a cultural project?
  3. Knowledges – What techno-scientific infrastructure is necessary for projects of regeneration? What are the politics of standardised knowledge forms that surround regenerative projects?
  4. Economies – How is regeneration emergent market-based formations? Whom does regeneration benefit?
  5. Institutions – Can regenerative turn could be re-wired for pluralist projects?




Image: Jim Block/UC Berkeley