AusSTS Interdisciplinary Workshop

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: AusSTS Interdisciplinary Workshop

Deakin University

Melbourne, Australia

3-5 July, 2019


Professor Cordelia Fine, University of Melbourne

Professor Geoffrey Bowker, University of California Irvine

Professor Jack Halberstam, Columbia University

To meet the great challenges of this century, scientists and humanities and social science researchers need to work together. No single academic field can bring about the changes we need to see in the world. Bridging disciplinary divides is the key to finding new solutions to the problems we face.

The AusSTS interdisciplinary workshop is a multi-day event that seeks to convene conversations between researchers around the complex issues facing science, technology and society today. It consists of workshops, keynote lectures, creative events, and short papers. This symposium is designed for postgraduate students and ECRs researching science and technology and who are interested in 1) exploring new and creative forms of inquiry, 2) developing collaborative practices to further their research. The aim of this collaboration is not to turn scientists into social scientists or humanities scholars or vice versa. Rather, it is to create opportunities for students to share diverse perspectives on common issues.

This workshop departs from the traditional symposia format of long papers and short discussion. Participants can expect to present a short paper consisting of a question, problem or provocation, take part in panel discussions and cross-disciplinary dialogues, participate in workshops focusing on collaboration and creative research, as well as field trips. We invite postgraduate students and ECRs from all disciplines and areas of expertise to apply: life, environmental and materials science, social sciences and humanities, artists, social activists, and other practitioners.

We want to encourage participants to communicate their research interests in ways that are legible to audiences outside of their discipline and to engage in sustained discussions with a range of publics. Scholars interested in participating are asked to apply by putting forward a proposal for a 5-minute presentation at the workshop.

Possible topics for proposals can include but are not limited to:

  • The Anthropocene and twenty-first century environmental challenges
  • Advances in biomedicine and public health
  • Science and Indigenous knowledges
  • AI, big data and algorithmic cultures
  • Sustainability and resilience
  • Intersections with gender, race, class and ability with issues in science and technology
  • Methods and strategies for collaborative STS (science and technology studies) or HPS (History and Philosophy of Science)

Structure, cost, and accessibility

The AusSTS interdisciplinary workshop will take place over three days. Day one and two will be organised around panel presentations, keynotes, and collaboration workshops. Day three will include an off-site field trip and creative challenge.

All venues will be wheelchair accessible. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions regarding accessibility or have accessibility needs.

Travel bursaries

We are committed to making this event affordable and accessible to all participants. We have travel bursaries of up to $300 per person to help cover travel and accommodation costs.

To apply for a bursary, please include a 200 word statement explaining why this support is necessary for you to attend in your application for the workshop.

Bursaries will be assessed based on an equity basis.

Submission guidelines:

Please submit proposals (250-350 words) for presentations by Friday March 1 to 

Proposals must contain the following information: Name of presenter(s); email address; brief bio; five keywords; supervisor names (if applicable) / areas of discipline

For questions or enquiries please contact Thao Phan at

Event sponsors: